Fred Allard

Frederic Allard was born on May 5th, 1968 under the golden glitter of the French Riviera.    At this time, France was at its full rebellion. As an only child of a atypical couple, the father being a renowned architect and mother being both exuberant as well as very beautiful. Exposed early on to two aunts, a grandmother and two older sisters from his father’s first marriage, Fred revels in a very feminine environment, marking his childhood with feminine nudity and allure.

His father, omnipresent by his charisma but absent by his passion for humanitarian action and women, will spend his life looking for his feminine ideal by multiplying the conquests. He will love them all - from the woman mother to the rebel woman, including the mischievous (naughty) woman, the provocative woman - without ever finding her, nor even leaving her. 

At a young age, Fredric quickly became enthralled with photography. Gifted with artistic sensibility and a conning eye, the images he captured in his photos always showed sincerity.   When his father died, he began photographing the walls of big European capitals. Walls, architectural imprints or indelible imprints of a past that seems to have marked him? As a result, Fred equipped with headphones blaring 80's music, prints these image to larger than life scale. He is in his ideal world, his world. Far from ours.

He embeds his paintings with his past and present feelings, with what he is, himself and his emotion. Inspired by Basquiat and by Pop art period, lively colors become his pallet and graphic words his engine. From this, his first series was born.

Within this time period, Fred marries and very quickly embarks on a creative world win inspired by his wife's fashion website featuring avant-garde models. His second series is born. He tags these models images, transforms them, tears them, adds HIS words to them, and collage. This becomes his interpretation of the images, his inspirations, his feelings, his disguised times, but always maintaining a very modern and exuberant quality. … " Bas Rock, Very Chic", arose from this series. Is there a woman behind this inspiration?    His third series was dedicated to the ONE woman who could encompass and embody solely with her very image, that of a child, rebel, sensuous and smart woman. His passion for the beautiful in fashion drove him to select as a muse the very epitome and definition of al these women in the iconic Kate Moss. Kate, this one woman has it all. He choses her image to be the first on exhibit.    Is this his homage? An Au-revoir? An answer? Or only a question?

Fashion Lab, a Brand Lab, a perfect Trend Lab:    Frederic’s latest sculptures, labeled ‘The BAGS’ are the reflection of his personal and professional life, a Fashion Lab, a Brand Lab, a perfect Trend Lab, a picture, his own feelings and views of this mass consumption society where industrial products and worldwide brands dictate our taste, our needs, our behavior, our very identity.    These resin, shinny, transparent ice cubes freeze, highlight, magnify this moment when luxury meets mass, when the brand guides the object, when shopping becomes a need, a must, a status symbol; theses sculpture then themselves become this object of attraction, this object of envy, this object of yours.

The sculpture usually includes a luxury bag, the symbol of consumption, accumulation, compression. It is a BAG, a Shopping BAG, always a New BAG, a Vintage BAG, a Life BAG, always an original single piece.

The beauty is that it can include industrial products, luxury items, even the personal objects of the collector himself as a moment of his own life, his own feelings, his own reflection on society, on others or himself.   The BAG then allows the magic moment of dialogue between the artist and the collector, the introspection, the questioning, this instant of sharing, the decision, irreversible.   The BAG then transcends itself into your own very personal and valuable memories, your brand, your image, yourself or that of one you love, the one you remember of, the one you are, want to be, it is your portrait, it is your proclamation to the world, the BAG is you!

The BAGS use fashion icons, brands, trendy objects, they freeze this frenzy world of consumption in a steady 3D fully transparent picture of our society which then and only then transform from a shopping bag to a timeless reflection, a testimony, a timeless piece of Art.

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