Jean Louis Simeray

Jean Louis Simeray

Born on 23rd march 1964

French Artist from lyon, living in shanghai Painter and sculptor, Artistic Director and Graphic Designer. Graduated from the Graphic Art Institute of Lyon France

Jean Louis Simeray does not talk about his art, he more freely or ironically expresses his talent through a huge variety of techniques, ideas, colors, media and can mix very classical work such as nature morte or portraits with collections of paintings which express the real rebel nature of his inspiration. The violence of his drawing combined with the incredible intensity of the colors gives to his work an amazing strength. He can bounce from oil to acrylics, ink to new media, photo to sculptures, from bright colors to dark black, from water colors to sand, rest in this sand without painting for months, then run to Shanghai and have ten exhibitions in a year … Often called a tightrope walker in art, he is totally unpredictable in the expression of his internal quest. He is in any case never where expected !

2003 to 2008 :

Yearly Solo exhibitions in U Want Art, The gallery in Nice, France

2006 & 2007 :

-Painting solo exhibitions in Wuhan : China Resource, CR Land Art Space French Consulate General in Wuhan East Lake Kingdom Art Space & French national Day Venue Wuhan Tiandi Painting solo exhibition

-Sculpture signing ceremony with the presence of the French Ambassador and later solo exhibition in Wuhan Tiandi hosting the Mayor and main officials of Wuhan Government, the French Consul General in Wuhan and Shui On (Xintiandi) Group Top Management Exhibitions in Shanghai :

-Shanghai Art Museum – solo exhibition of 700 m2 ‘U Want colors’

-Gallery IFA, M50 Moganshan Lu, Duo exhibition -Lao Ma Tou official opening solo exhibition with the presence of Huangpu District officials

2008 :

-Duo exhibition in Traditional Chinese Art event in commemoration of Zhouenlai birthday 110, Shanghai -U Want Art, The Gallery, Group inaugural opening exhibition, Volume One

2009 :

-Five exibitions in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu -Shanghai Art fair -Miami Beach - Giant wall paintings 

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